Since ex-teapig Hayley went off on her travels a few months ago (sob) there has been a distinct lack of football talk at teapigs HQ (well, teapig Reggie will always talk about Arsenal, if he’s not too devastated by the score)

We’ve got world cup fever though, especially teapig Juliana who is from Brazil and is so excited today we are having to give her a LOT of chamomile.

Some of the teapigs gang has done a bit of a World Cup sweepstakes, what do you reckon their chances are?

Reece: Nigeria and The Netherlands

Fiona: Uruguay and Germany

Juliana: France

Rosie: Belgium and Ecuador

Reggie: Iran

Tori: Ghana

Amy: Cameroon

Nick (mega keen): Russia, Portugal, Ivory Coast and Columbia

Laura: USA and Chile

Nicole: Argentina and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hannah: Australia and Japan

Junior: Spain

Valerie: Costa Rica

Rachel: Honduras and Greece

Louise: Switzerland

James: (he’s left now, surely this can’t be fair) Brazil

And Sharon got the best of the lot, our very own England!