What can I say about this World Cup?

 Well, this was the first World Cup that I had to watch outside Brazil and, obviously, it had to be the one that we were the hosts! Oh to miss the parties, the bank holidays, and my nieces' first World Cup… It was not easy (not that those little ladies would understand much at the age of 3). But to be honest, I was really glad that I was watching it here, where people love football as much as the Brazilians do.

 From my humble football perspective, this world cup will be remembered for many good and bad things. Amazing (and numerous) goals, impressive goalkeepers, all the matches with extra time, and of course, that 7 x 1 to Germany that I will never ever ever forget. (A huge thanks for the teapigs team for coping with me the day after - I would've uncontrollably bursted in tears if I had to say anything that day!).

 And despite the fact that we had several issues before the event, I was really proud to see that it was an amazing party after all. Locals, supporters from all over the world and even the teams made it memorable and one of the best Cups in years.

 I just hope everyone enjoyed watching it as much as I'm sure Brazil enjoyed hosting it. Looking forward to the Olympics!