You may have seen matcha lattes popping up on more and more menus over the years – and for great reason! Matcha lattes taste fab, work amazingly with plant based milks, naturally contain antioxidants and their vibrant green colour make them an instagrammers dream.

Although matcha’s rise in popularity is nothing but awesome – there’s something to be said about the varying qualities of matcha out there. Matcha powders, matcha grades, green tea powders, teabags with matcha in them – everyone has their own idea of what matcha is, and as it’s still relatively new in the western world, there’s no one standardised grading system for matcha. But, put simply, the best drinking matcha should be bright, bright green, shade grown and packed in Japan with a lovely smooth taste (no bitterness!), and most commonly referred to as premium or ceremonial grade.

It’s always worth quickly asking the café where they source their matcha - is it from Japan? Is it grown in shade and vacuumed sealed for freshness? If it is, chances are they’ve got themselves a top notch matcha – huzzah! If not, maybe save the matcha for another time. Oh and although it looks cool, if you spot a glass jar of matcha behind the counter, maybe steer clear of that one too – matcha should be kept in a sealed tin, in the fridge for freshness!

Our stockists have always been a great way for people to discover our teas, and matcha is no different. We’ve got a fab network of cafes and delis all over the country serving up tasty matcha lattes every single day. So, we thought we’d put together a few suggestions of places you can go where you know you’ll be getting a high quality matcha, every time.

Java Java Coffee -  London

Serving an amazing range of teapigs brews along with PERFECT matcha latte art – this is the perfect place for a lunchtime pick me up when you dash out of the office.

luca’s Kitchen and Bakery - London

This independent bakery and kitchen offers delicious cakes, teapigs teas and delicious teapigs matcha lattes. If you go, we recommend trying the custard tarts!

Ozwald Copplepot – London

The teapigs matcha latte art is only bettered by the amazing window art at this café, named after Batman’s nemesis The Penguin. 

Black Sheep Coffee – Various locations

With sites all over London and Manchester #leavetheherdbehind and grab a teapigs matcha latte at Black Sheep Coffee.

Teacup Tea Room -  Cornwall

Not only does this fab seaside vintage tearoom serve a mean matcha latte, they are also dog friendly! Dogs AND matcha?! You can’t lose!

Rustic Bean – Oxon

Offering a great range of teapigs teas, the Rustic Bean also offers a pure matcha and a matcha chai latte. The hardest decision is which to have first!

Toastie Shack – Derbyshire

If the lure of bread and cheese wasn’t enough then you can enjoy a teapigs matcha chai or matcha cocoa latte at this Derbyshire café.

Bean and Brush Family Art café – Cheshire

This inviting and family friendly café in sale offers a great range of teapigs teas and a yummy matcha latte to boot! Overlooking the café is The Art Studio so why not pop along and let your artistic side run wild.

Moksha – Brighton

If you’re in funky Brighton, enjoy a teapigs matcha latte at this awesome independent café while enjoying one of their famous modern British inspired brunches or lunches!

Kudos Coffee – Hampshire 

Offering speciality coffee, quality whole leaf loose teapigs teas and a cracking matcha latte, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face when you visit Kudos in Hampshire.


If you're now ready to master the art of latte making at home, try our range of matcha latte sachets - available in pure or with added turmeric, mint, cocoa or chai. Simply whisk in to your choice of milk for a simple, all natural matcha latte at home! 

Want to start stocking matcha in your cafe? Get in touch with a fab trade team team.