I’m three days into my new tea adventure and I am very proud to say I am now an official teapig! 

My favorite tea is super fruit, which I love as an iced tea!  I am also very eager to try out some matcha cocktails and perfecting these ready for the some garden parties and beach barbecues when the weather warms up!  My family back home in Devon are big coffee drinkers, so my mission is to convert them! This shouldn’t be too hard given all the amazing and yummy flavours teapigs have to offer!

I took Harvey for a walk for the first time today, I say walk, it was more of a run! …he is very strong and any sign of a bird or another dog and he was off! – definitely a good work out for my arm muscles! I am normally more of a cat person, but I think Harvey’s big eyes are winning me round!

As a teapig I will be taking tea orders from all our lovely cafe and deli stockists so you may find me on the other end of the phone or email... I am really excited about helping out at my first show next month and also looking forward to getting involved with the fundraising side.  I have recently decided that I’d quite like to do a skydive, although the thought of jumping out of a plane makes me feel a little weak – I think if I’m pushed I’ll be ok and plus it’s all for a great cause!