Have you heard of The Fear of Missing out? Checking your instagram and thinking everyone is having loads of fun without you on a yacht in Monaco, or sat in the frow at London Fashion week, or eating macaroons in Paris whilst you are at home doing the washing up? Well, forget all that and turn your attention to the JOY of Missing Out.

Staying in really is awesome, and if you’re by yourself than even better because you can do whatever you please! The teapigs girls have been having a think about what we love to do most at home guilt free:

Juliana: I am a pinterest maniac. And I’m obsessed with surfing the internet and bookmarking clothes and books I want to buy. That, and watching Regular Show and Adventure time with lots of cake (that I obviously bought as I have zero baking talent)

Becky: Oh my, staying in is the best. A workout, followed by a bath every night whilst watching beauty vloggers on youtube, usually with some weird homemade face mask made out of avocado on. Then a highbrow evening of old TOWIE episodes and some property programme found lurking on More 4.

Sarah: I LOVE binge watching TV Shows. I was off work yesterday and spent about 4 hours watching Homeland. I regret nothing. This a recurring habit, I once spent my summer watching The Wire and The Sopranos back to back and forgot how to communicate properly with people. Otherwise its an evening in spending waaaaay too much time watching Youtube or trawling Etsy

Valerie: I could easily spend the whole day doing tapestry (very relaxing) but I also love painting furniture and framing up all the paintings I’ve bought whilst traveling

Rachel: Aaah fear of missing out is so relevant when you’re saving for a house and wedding.. waaah. But ultimately I’m a lazy bum so also v happy to stay at home in my PJ’s. I love to try to paint my nails in really cool designs – fail miserably, keep trying, eventually give up paint all nails the same colour. I’m also always keen to play a few tricks on the fiancé – hide behind doors/in cupboards and jump out. Put on masks and creep into rooms, you know, just normal stuff. Failing that, box set marathons are pretty much my favourite activity and BOOOOKS. All the books please.

Sofia: love love love dancing round my room. Or spending hours watching Gray’s Anatomy!!

Well, that’s our Friday night sorted Let us know in the comments below your favourite joy of missing out!