I'm building up quite a collection of good food magazines on my desk and the odd recipe from the stylist, i think teapig Sofia is trying to tell me something! Last Thursday it was an email... a recipe for trillionaires shortbread!  I rose to the challenge and set to work as soon as i got home...

It was a recipe from Jamie Laing’s new Candy Kittens: Recipes for Sweet Treats cookbook, available here. Charlotte (the teapigs photographer!) shot all the pictures for his book, good work Charlotte!

 Makes 18


225g plain flour

100g golden caster sugar

225g butter

80g cornflour

20g cocoa powder

Pinch of salt


Caramel layer:

100g softened butter

2 x 397g tins of caramel

75g light soft brown sugar

Pinch of salt


Chocolate topping:

150g plain chocolate

150g white chocolate

100g milk chocolate

60g butter


Preheat the oven to 140C (fan ovens) and line a baking tin 30cm x 30cm with greaseproof paper.

In a blender pulse the flour, caster sugar, cocoa powder, cornflour and salt together, to form a sandy dough.

Press this mixture into the baking tin and prick all over with a fork – bake for around 25 minutes until firm.  This will then need to be left to cool.

To make the next layer, place the butter and brown sugar in a pan and warm until the sugar has melted.

Add the caramel and stir until smooth, do not boil.  Stir in the salt and pour evenly over the shortbread, leave to set for around an hour.

Melt the 3 chocolates in separate bowls over a saucepan of simmering water, stir a third of the butter into each chocolate.

Splodge the chocolate on top of the caramel and swirl together, leave to cool before slicing.


This was the perfect Friday afternoon treat to follow our teapigs pizza lunch (thank you Nick and Louise)! - it went down very well, but we were defeated, so the remaining gooey chunks were taken home to the teapigs extended family (husbands and boyfriends!)