This month we’d like to share with you guys a little brand we know – Proporta.  We’re not very techy but we do know everyone needs a case for their beloved phone or ipad thingy and these guys have a fab range of hand-crafted goodies just for that.

5 reasons why we heart Proporta

1. They love tea (yay!), so much so, that when founders Mike and Guy started Proporta, they decided to send out a tea bag with every order. They still do this, and right now they’re sending out a teapigs tea temple.

 2. They’re a small, fun and friendly British company with a passion for good quality products and great customer service – ‘nuf said.

 3. Like us, they have their own ethical scheme - Proporta Education Foundation. This is a charity they have founded themselves and which they  have all been closely involved with, ensuring its successful growth. The charity is based in Sri Lanka (they also have an office there), and  has been helping talented Sri Lankan children from poor families to remain in education.

 4. They are eco minded – look at their range of eco cases

 5. The have an office dog, Darwin. His hat is cool.