Football corner (i.e the bit of teapigs HQ near where teapig Nick sits and the current location of our World Cup pull out/wall chart) is alive with the chatter of footy fever. Will teapig Becky's love for Alan Shearer ever die? Never. Will teapig Juliana finally lose her voice from cheering on Brazil? We’d imagine so. And will our tea drinking game go down in history as the best ever? It’s more than likely.

So, kettles on – you have to make a cuppa every time the following happens:

A commentator mentions 1966

ITV technical error or they cut to an ad break makes us miss a goal

Adrian Chiles looks – and sounds – out of his footballing depth

Goal line technology denies a goal

Goal line technology approves a goal

A commentator says ‘they just need a goal’, ‘the wall does its job’, ‘you can never right off the Germans’ or any number of football clichés

You doze off listening to Phil Neville commentate

England score a penalty

Rio Ferdinand bases his opinion on something other than man united or a united player

A player wells up during their national anthem

A commentator mentions ‘the hand of god’

The ref gets his spray foam out

Pele footage shown during the pre match build up

Footage of a fan that’s decorated their entire house with the flag of St George

Camera zooms on Beckham in the crowd

Camera zooms in on Brazil fans in bikini’s in the crowd

Replay of Gazza crying

Reference to the John Barnes rap

Can you think of anything better? Add your World Cup tea drinking game criteria to the comments below!