Once upon a time in a small office in Ealing, teapigs was born. Nick and Louise had two desks and one Billy bookcase for storing a couple of pens and a few pieces of paper. The Billy bookcase was very important and became very important on teapigs trips. At The Good Food Show  for example, Billy came and we filled his shelves with tea! When we opened our online shop we leant our Billy to Reggie to put his fancy teapots and gadgets on for all our lovely online customers. As teapigs got bigger we moved to Brentford and Billy came too. After 5 long years Billy has become a little tired and his shelves have begun to wobble. He isn’t quite strong enough to hold those fancy gadgets any longer. Reggie has found one final use for our Billy in the teapigs garden – he is now home to courgettes, beans, tomatoes and beetroot! Long live Billy bookcase.