Yesterday we heard the good news – we have won six great taste awards! We are very proud of all our achievements and there’s something really special about winning great taste awards year on year. Here are our 2013 winners!

Liquorice and mint, three stars – “This remains an amazing concept, outstandingly well achieved. “

Chamomile, two stars – “On reflection, this product deserves an extra star from the one it won last year for its outstanding quality, which delivers the often sought but rarely found honey flavour of good chamomile. “

Green with mint, one star – “Good refreshing zing to the mint.”

Popcorn, one star – “Good gentle popcorn notes - the green tea behind it is clean and there are some good bake-y flavours.”

Super Fruit, one star – “A lovely enticing aroma. We liked the combination of berries. A nice balance of flavour producing a beautifully coloured tea.”

Yippee, we are delighted! Now, on with the kettle to celebrate.