It's National Afternoon Tea Week, hurrah! We hardly need reason to pair a snack with our cuppa, but this year we wanted to do it right - so spoke to Vanessa, a chef at one of our stockists, Jack's Mill, to give us the low down on just why afternoon teas are so great & how to make ours even better. 

first off, who are jack's mill?

Jack's Mill is a rural retreat in the beautiful Harefield countryside, just 13 miles outside of London. Set in a former water-mill between the River Colne and Grand Union Canal, it's the perfect stop off for a treat!

how popular is afternoon tea? 

Our customers are tea-time and treat-time lovers! Afternoon tea is hugely popular - in such a unique setting, listening to the water rush by you, whilst sipping on a teapigs tea of your choice... does it get any better?! 

what's so great about it? 

Oh the benefits! So many...

First, you get to have 4 different sandwiches in one sitting, as well as a variety of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, scones, macaroons... Variety is a big draw card for me, as it's not often you get to nibble so many of your favourite treats at once! 

Secondly, it's so lovely after all the lockdowns and having to do loads of takeaways to be able to leisurely sit at a beautiful venue, served tea in china and pots, and of course our pretty cake stands and silver - what a treat! 

Lastly, and absolutely not least, the unlimited tea and variety of teapigs on offer! Need I say more?

what should you consider when planning your own afternoon tea menu? 

I think balance is very important in many aspects, like size, flavour profiles and textures. You want all of your food items to be easy to serve up, and small enough that they can try everything! Items need to be delicate, but not so tiny you can't have at least 2 bites! It's good to have different flavour profiles like fruit, chocolate, nuts, vanilla or spice so that not everything tastes the same. 

which teas are your greatest hits? 

Of course the everyday brew is the most popular! But earl grey strong and peppermint are strong contenders (excuse the pun). The rhubarb & ginger is also massively popular over summer!

finally, what are your must haves... go! 

Oh! My favourite sandwich is always smoked Scottish salmon and cream cheese. In terms of sweets, I'm a lover of macaroons, and our salted caramel brownies are always a popular one. I'm also a sucker for a classic Victoria sponge cake - and our carrot cake has a cult following as well.


Thanks, Vanessa! Fancy giving your own afternoon tea set up a go? Share your set up with us on @teapigs everywhere!

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