My name is Nel and I run the The Mug Company which was born on the back of the fantastic mug sales I saw with my first online store as well as a desire to add to my (already massive) mug collection (no matching sets allowed!). The shop was set up during the heatwave of 2013 with help from my dad Rob (accounts and moral guidance), my partner Tim and my dog Indy (procrastination and moral support). We decided to gather in a great selection of unique, fun and well-designed mugs alongside a range of little add-ons, like Tea & Biscuits or Hot Chocolate & Mini Marshmallow packs, which could be tucked right inside our mugs in order to turn them into really great gifts.

That's why we're so excited to be stocking teapigs, who we got chatting to on Twitter a couple of months ago. Alongside a range of regular size packs, we also decided to bring in a wide choice of piglets: 2-temple sample packs in loads of different blends. Not only do these cute little boxes fit into our mugs a treat, but they also make fantastic mix-and-match tasting packs because, lets face it, the gift of tea is the greatest gift of all. We're sure our customers will be just as excited as we are!