Establishing a business in a new country is a seemingly endless series of small steps…bank accounts, warehouses, e-mail accounts and on and on and on.

What we’re really trying to do here in the US is bring the UK’s best specialty tea to the US and that means getting people to TASTE IT! I’m just beginning to do that and seeing faces light up when they taste the Liquorice and Peppermint (“WOW! Is there sugar in here?!?”) or the Lemon and Ginger (“WHOA! That is SPICY!”) makes it all worth it! Americans love their coffee, but if you can get them to taste something with loads of flavor, then you’re well on the way to creating an American teapig.

The journey really began for me when the home office, in the UK, put a question out to their legion of Twitter followers…What should my teapigs name be?? In the office in the UK there’s a tea evangelist, a tea genie, a tea cosie and even a tea diddy.

What did they choose? The perfectly appropriate, proudly American, heroically showy TEA EAGLE!