Are you struggling to think of what to buy your significant other (who just so happens to love tea) this Christmas?

Do you want to give your tea crazy friend an awesome present that will firmly secure your well-deserved place as THE BEST FRIEND?

Or possibly best of all, do you just want to give yourself a big ol treat every month??

If so, teapigs have most definitely got you covered with our brand new gift subscription!

With a few simple clicks, you can set up a gift subscription for a loved one or yourself, and we'll deliver 3 surprise teas every month straight to your/their door! What could be more exciting than receiving surprise tea in the post!? NOTHING, that’s what! (Except possibly a tax rebate…but even then, that only comes once a year – you can set your gift subscription to be delivered up to 9 times!! Beat that Mr taxman!)

P.S. just a handy hint for all those reading this and thinking 'I sure wish someone would do that for me' - Sometimes leaving a well-placed laptop open on the teapigs website for someone to ‘stumble’ upon works a treat...long gone are the days of subtleTEA  (Sorry, I had to)

ENJOY! :)