May is home to what has got to be one of our favourite national days… National Biscuit Day - 29th May. Yup, there sure is a ‘day’ for everything, these days! Now we don't know about you, but all this extra time spent indoors means we're drinking more tea than ever... which also means we're noshing our way through plenty of biscuits. No shame, it's been heaven! So, in honour of this national day, we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite biscuits to enjoy with a brew...

but first - why do we dunk?!

For many of us, there is just something so satisfying about eating a warm, soggy biscuit. Soggy... what a word, but (hopefully) y'know what we mean! Some research has suggested that the dunking of biscuits came about aboard naval vessels. The incredibly dry biscuits they used to eat to keep their nutrition levels up kept really well for the long voyages of those times, but they weren't the nicest... unless dunked into something repeatedly. Whether that was tea or rum is another matter!

For the dunkers among us, the type of biscuit is incredibly important. Firm-textured, dense and tightly bound biscuits, like the good ol' classic Rich Tea and Digestives, are safer options. But for all you biscuit thrill seekers out there(!), something more crumbly and a little brittle like a choc chip cookie, or a coconut macron is worth the risk.

Provided the biscuit goes with the tea (sweet or neutral rather than salty, and black or rooibos tea, not green or white), you're very much the ruler of your own dunking destiny.

so, what are some of our favourites? … and are we dunkers?

suzie: Ginger Nuts for me – spicy and crunchy! No dunking though.

anna: Absolutely cannot beat a choccy hobnob. Not great dunkers though, quite crumbly.

hannah: Leibniz. The ratio of chocolate to biscuit is spot on. Great for dunking in a cuppa tea too - the choccy melts perfectly and the biscuit doesn’t get soggy! What’s not to love?

andy: Shortbread in all its forms. Be it finger, wheel or disc it’s all delicious. And I don’t dunk, I’m not a barbarian.

emma: For dunking, Ginger Nuts – they have the perfect sogginess when dipped and taste AMAZING! General biscuit to go along with a cup of tea though is a Caramel Digestive and keep the packet in the fridge. It gives it extra crunch, almost like a biscuity daim bar!

sofia: Mcvitites Boasters are the best cookie and you can’t get them in many places and I don’t know why!

sarah: Homemade cookies have become me new obsession.

natasha: I love a dark chocolate Hobnob. But I’ve recently also been loving the tea biscuits from Rhythm 108 – double choc hazelnut is my favourite.

leonie: Choco Leibniz are the MVP but not really dunkable. The bourbon might be the actual legitimate best because it can stand a dunk but is beauts on its own too.

What’s your favourite biscuit to enjoy with a cuppa? And are you a dunker? Tweet us and let us know - @teapigs!

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