Guess who’s back..back again. Book club’s back ..tell a friend  (..sorry)

For those of you who missed our HUGE announcement last month, and aren’t entirely sure what #teapigsbookclub is all about – let me get you all caught up! We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at penguin to help celebrate the launch of their Little Black Classic series by creating; yep you guessed it #teapigsbookclub!

Each month we’ll be choosing one book to get our teeth into, brew a gigantic pot of tea and basically just have a big ol natter about what we thought about this month’s book and we would LOVE for you all to read along with us!

Whether you’re a new kid on the block or a seasoned pro, you’ve joined us at a perfect time as we are just about to embark on our second book - ‘How Much Land Does a Man Need’ by Leo Tolstoy. Perfect for those who are intrigued by Leo Tolstoy, but feel slightly daunted by the prospect of committing to all 1500 pages of War and Peace..

We spoke to Sam from Penguin who told us about the book:

what’s the book?

How Much Land Does A Man Need? By Leo Tolstoy

what’s it about?

This is a parable of a Russian peasant’s bargain with the devil – considered by James Joyce to be the world’s greatest short story. Need we say more?! This is a story about greed, faith and losing sight of what’s important.

where’s it set?

19th century Russia, from Moscow to the Ural mountains

who wrote it?

Leo Tolstoy. Arguably the GREATEST author ever to have lived, with works including War and Peace and Anna Karenina

And why is he a great author?

Tolstoy is an absolute titan of world literature and what makes him so appealing to so many is how simply and poignantly he tells a story. His books all have a deep morality to them but his writing style is so incredibly absorbing. The final sentence in this story is a total heartbreaker. It’s also fun to be able to say you’ve read Tolstoy and it’s only taken an hour!

Why should you join in I hear you cry! Well,  if you’re anything like us, ‘Read something that isn’t a gossip magazine’ will have been a prominent feature on your New Year’s resolutions list for quite some time now..and if you’re even more like us,  you’ll currently be reading Now magazine with a cup of tea rather than diving into pride and prejudice.. WELL NOT ANYMORE MY FRIEND.

Penguin have made it incredibly easy to get stuck into some truly amazing books by 80 of the world’s very best authors – they are short, concise and at 80p per book there is really very little excuse not to get involved!

We’ve got 30 copies up for grabs as well as a pack of our signature Everyday Brew - all you need to do to be in with a shot of winning is email you name and address to with subject heading PENGUIN. We’ll pick 30 winners at random by 17.04.15

If lady luck isn’t shining down on you this time, fear not! You can pick up a copy from Amazon, Foyles or Waterstones too. We’ll be back here with our review during the middle of May.