It seems Polish people love their tea (or “herbata”) – they rank as the second highest tea consumers in the EU after the UK - wow! Herbal teas are gaining popularity in Poland with an increasing number of fruit and caffeine-free teas being drunk, but black tea still rules! Brewed lightly with no milk and a slice of lemon, black tea will often be drunk after a meal and is still widely chosen over coffee.

You’ll often see tea being poured from pretty painted blue and white stoneware teapots - known as Boleslawiec Pottery. Ceramics have been produced in this region of Poland as far back as the 14th Century and are still produced today, all hand painted in various designs.

We are pretty excited as for the first time we are now stocking teapigs tea in Poland! You will find our lovely teas and infusions at the bar café of the Sound Garden Hotel, perfect if you are looking for a tasty brew on your travels to Warsaw, or if you’re a local just wanting to pop in for a yummy cuppa!