Each month, we run a competition with our wonderful stockists, to find our stockist of the month! This month, their challenge was to take part in Matcha May! Our winner was Café Alf Resco in Dartmouth, the 16th place on the Guardians Top 50 Breakfast spots in the UK. Find out a bit more about them below:

 How long have you been a teapigs stockist and what made you choose our tea?

I think about four years. I tried the matcha at a trade show & thought it was interesting and the range of other teas (not just black tea) was what we wanted to expand at the time.


If you could only have one teapigs tea for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Superfruit....you can have it hot in the winter to remind us of summer & it's our favourite tea to use as an iced tea as it has so much flavour, an ideal refresher! 


How do you use teapigs matcha?

We use it as a hot tea or as a matcha latte, but our favourite way is cold as an iced tea or mixed into our freshly squeezed orange juice of our local Yarde apple juice


 What made you want to set up shop?

The name isn't just a pun, the letters ALF stand for 'Amalgamated League of Friends' and reflect that we're all about our community, that's our story.

Being a part of our local community for the last 23 years is really important to us...a meeting place for coffee, a venue for celebrations, somewhere to come and stay for your holidays and supporting local groups and charities that make our local community work.

 Have there been any hiccups along the way?

Not so much, we try to focus on good quality local produce which we cook fresh, that works well for us.


Have you ever had any exciting celeb customers?

Sports stars, musicians, and a film & tv star or few....but we never tell, everyone has to leave their name at the till to be called for their food order, no exceptions!!


Apart from tea (obviously!) what is your best seller?

Drink wise - Flat whites, Cortados & fresh fruit smoothies


What’s the craziest customer request you’ve ever had?

Sometimes we get asked for extra strong decaf espressos....which seem a little crazy to us!