You may have seen us mention ‘teapigs house’ in the past and thought ‘hey that’s cool, teapigs don’t think 40 hours a week is quite long enough to spend with co-workers, so they now have their very own commune.’ But, perhaps unsurprisingly, rather than a safe place for us, we’re referring to a house we fully fund over in Gisenyi, Rwanda, that provides a safe home and specialist care for disabled young people.

For the past 10 years, we’ve donated a percentage of all everyday brew sales directly to The Point Foundation - a fab charity doing wonderful work in the communities that bring us our tea. The Point Foundation runs a disability program in collaboration with the Gallagher Trust where they manage houses that provide specialist care and accommodation for disabled children and young adults. teapigs fully fund one of the houses – teapigs house - home to 7 people with disabilities. Our donations also go towards the upkeep of other houses. Sadly, there’s still a huge stigma attached to disability in Rwanda, but this is changing, and with the right support, nutrition, medical, personal and emotional care, people with disabilities have found a new way of living.

Last year, we wanted to help raise additional funds that would go towards improving the lives for everyone in teapigs house – and so, we took on Tough Mudder! As a team we raised over £4,000, and when Point Foundation founders, Karen and Charles came to visit,  we all agreed the money would be best spent installing not one, but TWO rainwater tanks to both teapigs house and a neighbour. Clean, safe water without walking for miles – we couldn’t get those tanks in quick enough!

Since writing this, we're thrilled to say that the rainwater tanks are now in! Karen and Charles were in Rwanda when the tanks were being installed, click here to read their amazing update.