The big day is nearly here and us teapigs have been thinking about the “money’s no object, anything is possible” Christmas pressies that we hope we get in our stocking this year... here's our fantasy Christmas lists!

Becky: does anyone else remember Bernard’s Watch? I would totally want one of those. Or to do a Dale style supermarket sweep in Sephora

Juliana: Please can I get the ability to teleport? (East London to West London in seconds!)

Laura: a fully stocked 1980s style bar in my house!

Jack: To visit every single country in the world, see the southern lights, own about 11 dogs.

Nick: I’d just like to wake up in my new house in Brentford on Christmas Day with all the work/redecoration having been done and an ace music system throughout (next year for sure)

Valerie: 2 weeks skiing holidays in Colorado – lots of snow – log cabin ( a big one!) – massive fireplace and no cooking to do... Club Med in the snow!

Rosie: A round the world trip, 2 years minimum

Sharon: I’d like a Caribbean Island and a private jet to fly me there

Amy: A little pug, a big garden for him/her to run around in, and a wood burner that we could curl up in front of together :) (this is all one wish)

Nicole: A house in Brentford with big garden and a few crazy Jack Russell’s.

Sarah: A guaranteed Glastonbury ticket for life – basically to be besties with Michael Eavis

Reece – Well, I’ve got a few: Fully functional Iron Man suit – Who wouldn’t want one? I could go on holiday to ANYWHERE in the world, ANYTIME I want. I could also fight crime in my spare time. Drive an F1 car – Just one race with Mercedes AMG, too much to ask for? Ok maybe just to watch a race from the pit lane, I’d take that. Hang out with Elon Musk – I just need a day, there is SO much to learn from this guy.

Louise: A home chef.

Rachel: A teleporter - Why would anyone NOT want one of these?!!?

Tori: A farmhouse, with a swing bench and chickens in the garden please Santa

Tell us your fantasy Christmas lists in the comments below, we’ll put in a good word with Santa.