You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, we're tellin' you why... it's actually REALLY difficult to sip on your tea when you're pulling a face. Spills everywhere. Such a waste. 

So, we'll give you something to smile about instead - we've picked out some of our fave products of the season to bring you our ultimate gift guide! Be sure to check our full Winter Shop for more inspiration.


A cup of tea is a thing of beauty, but a festively flavoured one? Glorious. Pick up our seasonal limited editions (plus a few year-round faves).


Never know what they're gonna like? We've got you covered. Our pick n mixes come in 3 different sizes - 3 packs of 15 temples, 6 packs of 15 temples, or 12 packs of our tiny 2 temple piglets. Pick from our pre-made bundles, or build a bespoke selection box and help them explore a whole new world of tea.



Is it just us that gets the MOST excited for a Christmas stocking? From big packs of coco chocolatier candies to tiny piglet packs of our teas, and everything in between, these treats will be the cherry on top.



For the office tea fiend who can't get enough - you'll be top elf when you surprise them with these goodies, including the return of our Le Creuset petite teapots.

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