As I’m sure a lot of people in the south of England will be aware of as they admire their newly formed tan/burn lines - it was very hot over the weekend. I resisted the urge to go swimming or relax in the garden with a teapigs iced tea in hand, and instead I stood in a field in Walton-on-Thames on Sunday surrounded by lots of my stuff I didn’t want anymore. Why? To raise money for the Noel Orphanage of course! I attended the Apps Farm Car Boot Sale which can attract up at 500 sellers, but unfortunately because of the scorching heat, not as many buyers turned up as us sellers would have liked. Despite that I raised £25 and had a lovely morning chatting to people and selling a few of my unwanted items (including 2 dart boards and a space hopper) so all in all my car was at least a little bit lighter when I left than when I arrived.

 Although £25 may seem like a relatively small amount, it costs just 49p to feed, clothe and educate a child for a day at the Noel Orphanage, so I’m really pleased that this money can go towards that and make a difference. If you would like to find out more about our work with the Noel Orphanage, please click here or if you would like to make a donation via teapig Hannah and Amie’s fundraising page, you can do so here.