Last week, Dave and Louis our Belgium distributors donned their 17th Century costumes (hats and torches included) and set up shop for the famous Rubensmarkt in Antwerp.

This traditional annual market kicks off the night before with stallholders parading through to streets in order to please to Gods and ensure a nice day of weather for the market! (There was a little rain but not much so it must have worked! Kind of!)

The market attracts crowds from far outside Antwerp and Dave and Louis did a great job selling and promoting teapigs. Dressed in 17th Century gear from 6am to midnight, they held tea tastings for customers and local deli owners – they even got chatting to a Michelin starred chef, amazing stuff! Almost 200 packs were sold to real tea fans and lots more happy tea fans got to learn about teapigs.

Big thanks to Dave and Louis for continuing spreading the real tea message to the good people of Belgium!