Fans of white tea rejoice! Yes, it’s the time again, our silver tips white is tea of the month.

We love April – longer days, warmer weather, marathons to run (if you’re anything like me) and silver tips tea to be harvested.

This cuppa is a daily essential for me – I love its delicate taste and that is filled with skin friendly antioxidants. But don’t just take my word for it! We’ve got some great customer feedback to share:

“At the first sip I wasn't sure but as the cup went down my liking went up. I now have a cup every morning and feel refreshed afterwards. I also read online it helps with weight loss, impurities, skin issues so not only does it taste yummy it can make you look and feel better as well.”

“Ever since I tasted this wonderful tea a few weeks ago I have changed my breakfast beverage. I drink it every day and love it. One temple makes a small pot of tea in the morning and I use the same temple to make another cup at lunchtime. So amazing good value!”

“I have never tried a white tea before so I was pleasantly surprised with teapigs Silver Tips white tea - an absolutely gorgeous blend that's very refreshing and moreish. Another one I'll be stocking up on. TEAriffic.”

“Love white tea anyway, but this version lived up to expectations which is excellent! Lovely and light, perfect anytime cuppa!”


Now’s a great chance to give our silver tips a whirl, it’s 10% until the end of the month! (Discount on temples shown in the basket)