A new month brings a new tea of the month! This September we are celebrating the spicy little number that is – chilli chai! If you already love your chai teas then you’re in for a treat. We’ve taken that same great chai base and turned up the heat, with a nice fiery inclusion of real dried chilli flakes. But don’t worry, this won’t bring tears to your eyes, it’s a wonderful warming flavour that’s perfect to kick things up a notch at breakfast or as a creamy frothy latte after lunch.

We love it, but who can say it better than real teapigs customers who’ve tried it themselves? Here’s what a few of them think:

“Just having my first cup of this and it's simply wonderful. The flavours are very delicately balanced - I may have to have another one!”

“After reading the reviews prior to my purchase of this product I kind of had a feeling it was going to good and I was not disappointed. In fact this product far exceeded my expectation of good - it was great. The product had a pleasant orangey aroma prior to adding water but that disappeared in the brewing process to leave a crisp fresh smelling cuppa that cleared my blocked nose in a moment. I was blown away! I loved the chilli undertones that lingered in the roof of my mouth - pure bliss and if you've never tried this flavour before then I would recommend that you give it a try you may be surprised.”

“PG Tips step away from the podium, Chilli Chai is the new tea of choice in this house!” I've always loved a cold chilli chai latte where ever I've managed to find one, but to actually enjoy it cold, or hot, or lukewarm, with or without sugar...and best of all, from natural ingredients (not those nasty syrups they use in cafes). And at my own home! How wicked is that! Its mild spiciness and ka-boom of flavour (especially with a hint of sugar and milk added) not only made me very happy, but also cleared my stuffy nose before I even reached the bottom of the cup! Lovely stuff, I totally recommend it!”

“This is a great tea when you've come in from a long snowy walk or a freezing afternoon birdwatching and biking. It really warms you up!”

All hail the chilli chai! Convinced? Head on over here to try for yourself, we’ve 15’s sized packs and piglet packs. And as an extra little something, we’ve discounted both packs by a very handy 10% until the end of the month (discount shown at the checkout stage) Give it a go and leave your review so we can see what you think!