Everyone knows we’re tea nuts so when we read some research* that confirmed our belief that most British people feel the same, we were thrilled.  Apparently, a whopping 53% of us rely on a cup of tea to get us going in the morning.  It also seems that 54% of you love a big mug for their tea.   Not surprisingly, us Brits love our everyday brew the most and 51% of us like our tea with just a bit of milk and no sugar.  These tea addicts (we assume not currently seeking rehab) are mostly the young ones with 51% being 18-24; that would be those students with lots of time to boil kettles then!  

Tea in the work place is essential; and not least in the teapigs office. The most popular tea break time is between 10am – 3pm with a quarter of you bringing biscuits and cakes to share especially for this.  Sadly though, 1 in 10 of you make a poor cuppa on your tea round so you don’t have to do it again (gasp!); teapigs headmistress Hayley would just send you back for more training! But 63% those that have been hard at work all day use a cup of tea to wind down when they get home saying it’s like a hug from the inside – (all together now, “aaaaahhhhh”). Time to put your feet up with a brew then.


*research conducted by Travelodge of 5,000 adults