Immerse yourself in the forest. Find a sense of peace. The experience of Forest Bathing. 

Our friends at Forest Holidays love the wonder of the forest and understand the power of Forest Bathing, so we’ve teamed up with them to offer you Forest Bathing in a couple of their forests - paired with your favourite teas, of course. But just what is Forest Bathing? Well, we invited them to tell us all about it. Over to you, Forest Holidays...

what is forest bathing?

Simply spending time in the forest is a natural therapy. Forest Bathing takes it further and invites you to breathe deeply, learn techniques to find a meaningful connection with the forest and allows you to find a deeper sense of peace. Forest Holidays guide you and calm your senses in a busy world. Take a guided walk with them and take that forest feeling home with you.

natural wellness at its best

Forests can heal and the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku invites us to spend time in nature to reduce stress, boost our immune systems, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Its popularity is on the rise and many people describe the experience as transformative. Trust us, we really think it might be.

paired with your favourite brews...

Rested, restored, recharged and relaxed. That’s exactly how we leave you feeling. Sound good? To enhance the experience, the tea ceremony is the finale of the experience. The time to reflect over a cuppa.  You’ll enjoy some of teapigs finest tea.

intrigued? try it for yourself

Forest Holidays at Blackwood (located just an hour from London) and Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire) offers a unique Forest Bathing Experience, which is open to all and lead by Forest Holidays resident forest rangers.

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