Tea lovers rejoice, your time has come! The latte is no longer the sole reserve of coffee aficionados. All of our black and rooibos teas can easily be turned into hot, milky goodness to keep you going in the winter months. Huzzah!

Packed full of whole-leaf tea as well as real herbs and spices, our tea temples are essentially little bags of intense flavour – which means they are PERFECT for turning into everyone’s favourite milky bevvy.

Believe it or not, they are super simple to make at home. Grab your favourite tea and follow our handy 7-step guide - simple! 

How to make:

  1. Pop 1 tea temple in your mug (our current favourite is chai)
  2. Cover the tea temple with boiling water (about ¼ mug).
  3. Leave to brew for 3-5 mins. The longer the brew, the stronger the flavour (no way, you don’t say!)
  4. Add a squeeze of agave syrup if you want a touch of extra sweetness.
  5. While your tea is brewing, make some hot frothy milk. If you’re fancy and have a milk frother, kudos to you. If not, don’t worry, you can simply heat some milk on the hob or in the microwave and give it a quick whisk by hand after (careful, it’s hot…)
  6. Top your mug with the milk et voilà.
  7. If you’re feeling crazy, top with cinnamon, coconut flakes, grated chocolate, fresh mint or whatever else you can think of to go with the tea you’ve chosen.

And there you have it. 7 simple steps to tea latte heaven. Did we mention that we also have a delicious range of organic matcha lattes