When you work for a tea company (Brentford’s best tea company in fact) and love all things tea – this certainly doesn’t stop just cos you’ve gone off on your hols, no siree. With a suitcase full of every day brew, yerba, green with mint and my trusty tin of matcha to keep me going, I was up, up, and away to the lovely Dordogne region of France for a week. And of course, I kept my beady eye out for some French teas whilst I was out there! Us teapiggers are always on the look out for inspiration and it's great to see what's out and about, especially abroad.

I found lots if interesting herbal infusions and fruit teas and also lots of flavoured black teas, especially with caramel. Instant teas also seem to be very popular! And of course, I had to visit the local salon de thé for an english breakfast, bliss.

Now, all we need is some of that lovely French weather to make it over here and we'll be set!