Tea is one of the most popular drinks in everyday life of people in Poland.  Like in the Chinese culture, there is a custom of serving tea to guests as a symbol of respect.

So, here our mission began earlier this year, when teapigs appointed a distributor – a coffee trader  to introduce real whole leaf tea to the people of Poland :)

Teapigs is now being served in cafes and online, and teapigs fans will get a free tea sample with their order to try some other flavours.

The end of June saw the arrival of the Festival of Coffee and The Coffee desk team went along to spread the teapigs word. The customers were thrilled to get a lovely cup of tea - lemon & ginger, Liquorice & Mint and superfruit went down really well and they were really interested in the taste of matcha green tea served through the day! Justina was the dedicated teapigs hostess, she is a coffee barista during her spare time and she really enjoyed swapping coffee for a real cuppa of teapigs tea.

Check out their facebook page to see lots more photos. We are looking forward to introducing lots more people in Poland to our real tea mission!