Tea and biscuits? Of course! Tea and chocolate? Definitely! Tea and pickles? …apparently!

teapigs  in the US has just moved into our new office on the lower east side of Manhattan and we’re sharing a floor with a pickle company! We’re not sure how many opportunities we’ll have to cross-promote pickles and tea, but you never know!

Our office is right in the heart of what has been called one of America’s Most Endangered Places. As new business and wealthy buyers move into the  neighborhood, families and businesses whose roots are on the Lower East Side are being forced out. Rest assured though, teapigs is moving into an old building full of artists, designers and food artisans. Our building won’t be converted into an H&M anytime soon!

Next time you’re in New York City, look us up. We’ll be talking tea, packing orders and probably snacking on some pickles!