Each month, we run a competition with our wonderful stockists, to find our stockist of the month! This month, their challenge was to show us their best teashake creation, and the winner was Wilma's Cupcakery in Essex for their amazing rooibos creme caramel teashake complete with mini rooibos creme caramel cupcake! 

How long have you been a teapigs stockist and what made you choose our tea? 

We've only been a teapigs stockist since July this year! So we're new kids on your tea-block! Will and I are tea lovers and on our own personal tea journey, we purchased rather a lot of your tea from your stall at The Ideal Home exhibition. On many of our crazy tea drinking evenings we decided we need to share the tea love with the masses and after an email or two from the lovely Andy at teapigs HQ, we'd placed our first order and the rest is history!

If you could only have one teapigs tea for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

God, that's a sad question... I'm the most indecisive person on the planet and committing to one tea for life is a serious decision to make... Whilst I make up my mind, I'll double check with Will (the first half to Wilma....) *she goes to ask will*. I knew it! Will would have the liquorice and peppermint. (He is stating he doesn't like liquorice usually...) I know this as he is mad for this tea and sells it to EVERYONE! I'm a particular fan of the apple and cinnamon, it's like apple crumble in a mug. I also love rooibos creme caramel... Hence our tea shake! 


How do you use teapigs matcha?
We've got a very wide unique list of cake flavours and we've never not been able to meet a flavour request from our clients...when one recently came to us asking for a green tea inspired cake... teapigs matcha was a perfect addition to our buttercream!


What made you want to set up shop?
I've been baking for more years than I'd like to admit... Will and I actually worked on cruise ships as Cruise Director and Deputy Cruise Director for 8 years. We actually met at sea in Australia (years ago) and had no idea we lived less than 5 minutes away from each other on land. It was only when we returned home from sea this year to more cake orders that we said we need to start taking this seriously... So, one day over a cup of tea we decided that we'd found our hole in the market so... we bought a food trailer, completely remodelled it into our mobile cupcake, tea and coffee shop and then we were off! Now we are popular at Festivals, weddings, corporate events and more! 

Have there been any hiccups along the way?
We've had successful days and the days where we've cried into our tea - one of these was at Brownstock Festival 2016! Unfortunately we didn't do so well and had more cake left than you could ever imagine. We donate all of our surplus cakes to our local hospice (St Lukes, Basildon, Essex) so a very bad situation had a very happy ending! 


Have you ever had any exciting celeb customers? 

We've supplied our cakes to a few celebs which is fun. We almost wet ourselves with excitement when Circa Waves tweeted a picture with our cakes! On an occasion or two, we've served a celeb and we actually haven't realised until we've had messages and social media love afterwards... Ooops!

Apart from tea (obviously!) what is your best seller?
Our wide range of cupcakes (for humans) are our main sellers but our cupcakes for dogs are so popular - we now bake and sell doggy birthday cakes which are just as popular as the human birthday cakes!! 


What’s the craziest customer request you’ve ever had?
We've recently had requests for hamster cupcakes.... We are still working on these ones as we can't find the taste testers!