A few of you have been asking about how we came about and how we financed teapigs. It was an unusual set up in some ways. Nick and I used to work for Tetley – that’s where we learned so much about tea. We knew there was much more to tea than dusty teabags and we wanted make real quality whole leaf tea more accessible in Britain. So, armed with our business plan, we gained our start up finance from Tata Tea (who also own Tetley) and in 2006, we both left our jobs to start up teapigs as an independent business. Since then we’ve come a long way. We’ve certainly grown, teapigs can be found all over the UK and in many other countries and there are now 38 of us in all working from our office in Brentford

Our experiences over the last 13 years have been ones of building a brand and a business from scratch by hard work, risk taking, fast decision making, intuition, passion, a good deal of fun and a measure of good luck. And of course the fact that you as customers seem to share our love of quality whole leaf tea.

If you would like to learn more about us and how we operate, feel free to pop us an email – info@teapigs.co.uk, or come down for a cuppa when we’re back in the office! 

You can also read more about our story here.