The University of Alabama have been hard at work studying green tea and have found out something very interesting. The polyphenols in green tea have been shown to inhibit UV radiation induced skin damages. What does that mean in a nutshell? Well, matcha green tea naturally contains these polyphenols and consuming your daily dose of matcha may help keep your skin in tip top condition.

Matcha fans have been whizzing up their matcha teas day in day out and have noticed some real improvement not just in the skin but their hair and nails too. We asked them to let us know what benefits they’d experienced so far and this is what they said:

“The changes in my skin and nails has been absolutely huge and I am delighted as they were in such a poor state”

“I suffer with acne and have tried just about every acne fighting product on the market with disappointing results. 2 weeks of taking matcha twice a day, and my skin is very nearly cleared up! It’s magic!”

“I suffer with mild acne round my chin and nose and this has really helped, my skin is clearer less congested and looks fantastic. I've tried loads of cosmetic treatments but this is only thing that’s really worked!”

“I lost my hair and nails due to my treatment, but both have come back great! My hair is thicker and my skin brighter. I have changed my diet and beauty products to organic and am trying to be healthier all round. Matcha is part of my new healthy lifestyle.”

“Friends have commented that my complexion appears radiant....I occasionally a limited number of very small spots but have none now and I feel my complexion and wellbeing is better”

“Much improved nails and shinier hair... and I do get complemented on my skin. Not bad for an old bat of 66!!”

“I think antioxidants are the biggest thing in our fight against ageing and damaging free radicals. In my mind I see these little matchas mopping up those free radicals and making us healthier and that shows in the condition of our skin.”

 “I have noticed a change in my hair being shiny and softer.  I have always had good skin with only a few wrinkles (laughter lines) I’m almost 44.  If matcha slows the aging process that is a terrific bonus.”

 “I feel that my skin texture has improved on my body - thighs appear smoother. I am more toned but I increased my yoga practice around the same time - prob due to energy increase from matcha. So a naturel side effect was that I wanted to be healthier and move more”


Amazing stuff! Why not give matcha a try yourself this summer and see what benefits it can bring? We have matcha available in 30g tins, plus our new whopping big 80g and cute little 'try me' sample 2g sizes.