Hi people,

My name is Charlotte and I am joining teapigs as their new Trade Sales Assistant! 

Here's a few random facts about me:- 

  • I was born in Hong Kong, previously lived in Thailand but grew up in the totes amaze Essex (I don’t shorten my words in real life, don’t use fake tan and my hair is all mine...)
  •  My Mother is Filipino and my Father is English Italian.
  • I have a love for travel and experiencing different cultures, I have just come back from spending 18 months in Australia and also travelled India for 6 weeks.
  •  I am looking forward to having a Christmas in England (haven’t had one in two years), what I have missed the most;- Cold weather (the thought of being on a beach at Christmas is amazing ….but in reality IT’S JUST NOT CHRISTMAS!), Mummas home cooked Christmas Roast Dinner, the hot roaring fire, the classic Christmas games and the family of course.
  •  Love live music and going to festivals - whether it be a mellow indie festival or a crazy dance festival.
  •  I am the girliest of girls with the standard ridiculous amounts of make-up, clothes, shoes etc. but I LOVE football.  More importantly Tottenham (don’t judge, Father is a Tottenham boy and it would of break his heart if I supported anyone else).
  •  Definitely a cat person, I will be that crazy old cat lady.
  •  I once said hello to Drake on FaceTime where I proceeded to only have the ability to say “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”.
  •  The only two TV series I have ever completed watching are The Wire and The OC. Both amazing and both worth every second taken of my life.