Latest teapigs recruit Hayley added to the teapigs Rwanda fund on Sunday by completing her first ever marathon – and with an extremely respectable time of 4 hours 15 minutes!  We think she is brilliant! A mixture of sunshine and showers, a couple of hills and a 2 mile long Mersey tunnel ensured that by the end of the run a totally knackered, rain drenched teapig was able to find a final bit of energy to sprint over the line and was just about able to raise a smile too for her efforts and the money that has been raised so far.  

After a day’s recovery yesterday, a wobbly-legged Hayley is back in the office and feeling slightly worse for wear today. All worthwhile though and nothing that a welcoming round of applause from fellow teapigs and a few cups of strong English Breakfast tea couldn’t help overcome (and possibly a couple of biscuits too!) 

Fundraising is going well but the magic target of £500 can still be helped towards here. This isn’t the end for speedy teapigs either as Katie is taking part in the Great South Run later this month to raise even more funds for the Noel Orphanage….keep an eye on our blog for more news!