Exciting times, our friends over at Rude Health have launched their first ever range of dairy free drinks. Their oat, almond and rice milks are not only fab for those cutting down on dairy but they also taste yummy and can be used in exactly the same way as regular milk, amazing!

Rude Health have been using their new almond milk to create tasty dairy-free matcha lattes using our wonderful matcha green tea. It only takes a jiffy and you’ll be enjoying a creamy matcha latte in no time:

Matcha Almond Latte


1g (approx 1/2 teaspoon) teapigs matcha                                                                                           

200ml Rude Health Almond milk

Dash of honey to taste (optional)


1)    In a cup or mug add 60ml of warmed milk to whisk the matcha into a paste

2)    Add the honey and the rest of the warmed mik and whisk well

3)    Serve


Check out Rude Health’s recipe page for more ideas and head over to their twitter page to join in the fun.

The range of drinks will be available in Waitrose from 24th June – but there is another way to get your hands on some! Rude Health are offering three lucky teapigs fans a drinks bundle each, how lovely. Just email Info@teapigs.co.uk by 30th June with your name and address and Rude Health in the subject and we’ll pick three winners at random. Winner announced by 3rd July 2013. (COMPETITION NOW CLOSED)

And don’t forget, you're in rude health when you skip ropes, not meals. You practise but you don't preach. You make molehills out of mountains.