We CHALLENGE you to up your matcha game in 2018!

 Every year in January, we encourage coffee and tea drinkers alike to put their differences aside and take part in our matcha challenge. We know that New Year’s resolutions are tricky – and no matter how good your intentions are, it’s easy to fall off the healthful wellness wagon. Eat less junk food, go to the gym three times a week, get more sleep… it all gets a bit much! So this year, we’ve made it super simple for you – we’re nice like that.

All you have to do is swap ONE of your daily coffees with a matcha latte for a week and see how you feel. That’s it! Doesn’t sound too bad, right? 

What’s the hype?

Matcha is all the rage right now – and with good reason. Admittedly we’re a little biased, but we’ve been making matcha for 7 years now and we think ours is the best! Here’s why…

Our premium grade matcha is made from organic Japanese green tea leaves. The green tea plants we use are grown under three layers of shade, which increases their chlorophyll content (the green bit of the plant containing all the antioxidants and nutrients). After being plucked, the stems and veins of the leaves are meticulously removed, as they contain no nutrients and can taste bitter. The remaining nutrient-dense parts of the leaves are then ground into a fine powder.

As you’re ingesting the whole leaf, the nutritional content is much higher than regular green tea. In fact, one serving of our matcha contains 10 times the nutrients of a normal cup of green tea! Matcha also contains a special amino acid, L-theanine, which works with the naturally-occurring caffeine to give a steady release of energy throughout the day – unlike the rapid energy burst and inevitable crash of a coffee high. This is why Buddhist monks have used matcha as a source of calm, focused energy during meditation for hundreds of years.

I’m in

You’d like to give it a go? That’s great! Lucky for you, we’ve made it especially easy (and delicious) this year by introducing our new range of matcha latte sachets. As well as our original matcha and matcha mint, we now offer matcha turmeric, matcha chai and matcha cocoa. Each sachet contains a FULL 1g serving of our organic matcha, alongside natural herbs and spices, to give you a healthful taste sensation.  

To get involved in the challenge, upload a pic of your delicious, warming bevvy to Instagram, tag @teapigs and use the hashtags #swaponecoffee and #matchachallenge 

If you’re keen to get involved but have never made a matcha latte before, check out our instructional blog here