January flew by but it's nice to see that some of you still had the time to join us on our mission to get the nation drinking real tea. 91 people signed our mission petition and here's some of the best comments....

"I never use to enjoy herbal tea untill i tried teapigs! Simply the best tea i have ever had!"

"Tea Pigs have changed my life!"

"Why oh why is it so hard to get a decent cup o tea? Everywhere should stock teapigs."

"hurrah for real tea"
"Putting it simply, after trying real tea, from teapigs, I haven't looked back. It is like a light has come on and I will not be accepting inferior tea dust again."
"I love real tea mostly because it just tastes so much better. The whole leaves definitely impart a lovely flavour that you just don't get with other teas."
"I never realised my love for tea until I had freshly brewed tea with REAL tea leaves!"

"I am passionate about tea, and I love everything about teapigs, from your packaging to your teaware and, of course, your fantastic philosophy and high-quality tea!"

"Real whole leaf tea has the smoothest, richest taste and does not leave a bad flavour in the mouth unlike what we are given in the shops today. Our tastebuds deserve real tea!"

"Delicious tea, a lovely surprise!"

If you haven't yet joined our mission then do it now and tell us why you drink real tea!