As many of you know, our mission is to get the nation drinking real tea. Lots of you have signed up to our real tea mission and are supporting our quest to replace the nation’s dusty teabags with quality whole leaf tea. In the last couple of months, 600 more people have signed our real tea mission.  Thank you very much! This is great news and we really appreciate it.  Here are a handful of comments that we've had from our petitioners, straight from the horse’s mouth...

"It's so good to find a company who are truly dedicated to promoting whole leaf tea. I need never tolerate dust bags again!"

"Teapigs' English Breakfast tea makes my life worth living. Drink real tea!!!"

"Had my first teapig at the weekend and love! The clarity and taste of the tea is amazing"

"Everything in the world is getting faster; information access and life in general. Real tea is about enjoying things that take a little longer, but are worth it!"

"It just simply tastes better and has an actual flavour!"

"good tea is worth paying for!"

"teapigs tea is the best!"

 "I love real tea because it tastes 100 times better than bleached tea bag tea and is so much better for your health. Demand the best and get healthier in the process."

 "I thought tea and herbal teas were just ok before i tried teapigs. The flavours are so intense and enjoyable. I love trying working my way through all of the flavours!!"

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