Earlier this month we launched our 5 newest blends, we love them, you love them – it’s safe to say they’ve gone down a storm! Here are some of our favourite reviews from you…

 Apple & cinnamon

  • “This combo is amazing, all those who sampled it with me loved it and we will be drinking Apple & Cinnamon this season and next!”
  • “The flavours here work so well together. I was prepared for it to be a little too 'desserty', but instead the combo is rather refined, very tasty, and not too sweet. Feels very appropriate to have as a tea all year around and not at all quirky. Thank you tea pigs!”
  • “These are lovely, they smell and taste amazing. Although the aroma makes you want to drink it asap,  leaving the tea to brew for 5 minutes, gives it a lovely smooth fuller flavour.  I'm really hoping these will be available in the larger pack soon.”

 Chocolate & mint

  • “The first time I made this it was OK.  The second time I made it I left it to brew for much longer and the taste was amazing!  I thought it might taste a bit like watery hot chocolate but it doesn't, the chocolate and mint together really works.”
  • “Totally amazing! As indulgent as hot mint chocolate but minus the calories, yum, thank you Teapigs :)”

 Sweet ginger

  • “I love the combination of flavours in this tea.  The ginger isn't too strong but has enough of a kick to let you know it's there, then comes the warmth of the cinnamon followed by a surprising hit of sweetness, and that's all in one mouthful!”

 New cheeky deal

  • “Only tried two of the five so far and they are seriously flavoursome - rhubarb and ginger is refreshingly zingy, and the chocolate and mint is a winner. Can't wait to try the others and am already ordering more; I know they won't be in the cupboard for long.”

Why not try for yourself and let us know what you think!