We have loved Pearl & Groove bakery since their launch and loved having them at our #matchapopup last week. Here we talk to Serena, owner and founder :)

1)  Tell us about Pearl & Groove! Who are you and what do you do…

"Pearl and Groove is a gluten free bakery, specialising in flourless cakes. Some of which are just gluten free, others are sugar/ dairy and gluten free. The company is named after my parents, my mums nick name is Pearlie and she is all things health and has a sugar/ dairy and gluten free diet, so this is the ‘Pearl’ range. Then my dad whose nickname is Groover is a chocolatier and enjoys the slightly greedier things in life - so that is where the ‘Groove’ range happens. 

I used to be a private chef working around the world in lovely villas and chalets and as a fine art graduate I loved mixing food and design and making things look pretty, so cakes and sweet things were my calling. I love being creative and Pearl and Groove allows me to do just that." 

2)  How did you get involved with teapigs?

"I have always been a big fan of teapigs, all your amazing flavour combinations. I love experimenting and having the challenge of a new recipe. Last year we did a little collaboration and I developed a range of teapigs cakes using teapigs tea alone. The flavours were really interesting and complimented the nutty base of the cakes. Since then there’s been a couple of link ups, especially using Matcha, which not only has all the health benefits to go along side Pearl and Grooves gluten free following but taste great and have a fresh bright green colour to them, which is always fun." 

3)  Do you do a lot of collaborations? How do you think this contributes to your brand?

"Pearl and Groove have done a few collaborations. I enjoy them because it allows me to create a limited edition brand new flavour, or think outside the box in some way of the other. But I think if you match your collaboration well then I think both brands can get a lot out of it. And tea and cake is the obvious choice." 

4)  How do you use teapigs matcha in your products?

"It’s used in is pure powder form with nothing diluted, this way you still get the full-bodied, familiar green tea taste coming through, but the sweetness and then the nuttiness of the cake makes it heart-warming." 

5)  What do you love about matcha?

"The colour, the benefits, the packaging and the versatility- it’s a fridge must."   

6)  Where can our customers get their hands on your amazing cakes!

"Pearl and Groove cakes are made in Chiswick where I share a kitchen with a top chef, Angie, who runs Angie’s Little Food shop, the perfect lunch, brunch and cake spot. I’m based there the majority of the time, they are then also delivered to Harvey Nichols 5th floor, Daylesford Organic, Hunter Gather on Wigmore St."

Thank you Serena! Pearl and Groove also deliver to offices and homes as well as doing events, wedding cakes and birthday cakes. In March this Spring, Pearl and Groove will have a pop-up shop in Old Street Station for 6 weeks, so head down there for a little try.