As far as months go April is pretty awesome for a number of reasons - summer is just round the corner (which means April showers are of course in full swing), we get a well-deserved four day weekend, are allowed to eat our bodyweight in chocolate without being judged, it's my (teapig Sarah's) birthday and most importantly of all, the full Glastonbury line up FINALLY gets released!! HUZZAH!!  

 Now, If you’re anything like me, you would have spent the past year meticulously counting down the days until the gates open again (77 days if you were wondering), spent hours trawling through the thousands of rumours circulating the glastosphere (as well as checking all the gaps in their tour dates to see if there’s even a slight possibility it could be true) and then finally start to panic when your favourite bands gets announced for every other festival except the one you actually have tickets for..(I’m looking at you Fleetwood Mac) 

 The Friday and Saturday headliners have already been announced (the less mentioned about that, the better) but the all-important Sunday slot is still up for grabs, not to mention the 100’s of other bands that are yet to be revealed! Therefore to save myself from going well and truly crazy, I thought it would be fun to ask the rest of the teapigs gang who their DREAM headline act would be… Amazingly Kanye didn’t make the cut.  

Jack: Well I’m going to go full on impossible with mine: Queen – my mum went to LiveAid in 1985 and said that it was the greatest live show she’s ever seen, and I’ve always been a tad jealous that they were waaaaaaaaay before my time. In lieu of that total impossibility; Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean are all on my dream festival lineup

Lucy: I’d love to see Lady Gaga, purely for the crazy outfits! Muse would also be up there to see again.

Sarah: Last year I was lucky enough to see my favourite band (Arcade Fire) headline the pyramid stage and it was the best 2 and a half hours of my life - so this year, I’m pretty easy. But if I had to choose, it would be Daft Punk because for the past 2 years rumours that they were playing a secret show have spread throughout the glasto campsite like wild fire and IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN  Or Kate Bush..because a gal can dream 

Nick: Impossible dream – The Clash – would tear Worthy Farm apart. Possible but improbable – Led Zeppelin – not seen them since 75, mega. Could happen (so not really a dream) – Prince – best singer/songwriter/performer over a 40 year period, totally charismatic!

Emily: I'd also love to see Led Zeppelin or Prince headline - you can tell where my music influence comes from! Would also love to see Taylor Swift headline, she's cheesy but brilliant. 

Rachel: Here I come with my awful taste in music. 

Spice girls – for childhood Rachel - but I would need them to transform into 90’s versions of themselves – pre-makeovers/the loss of platform trainers.

Artic Monkeys – for teenage Rachel – ‘whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’ was played non-stop. 

Ed Sheeran – for now Rachel – I just bloody love him. 

Juliana: Metallica as I really want to see them live, Blondie (big fan of Debbie) and Joy Division (big crush on Ian)

Reece: Gorillaz, in absence of them I’d take Rick James or MF DOOM, all artists I’d love to see live, but never had the chance / missed their prime. Gorillaz have a new album coming out this year, so there’s a chance of them popping up somewhere this Summer.

Valerie: To feel 30 years younger :  it would have to be Supertramp and Genesis

 To act 30 years younger: Katie Perry….with all the fireworks, whatever the weather. 

Camping in the mud….. Definitely will feel 30 years younger! 

Becky: Oasis, spice girls, n’sync, Britney – 90’s music was the best!!

It’s quite interesting that a lot of the team's dream headline acts have played Glasto previously – just goes to show it is the GREATEST FESTIVAL EVER!! (Can you tell I'm a fan?) 

Bring on June, complete with rain, mud, sunshine, that ever so familiar smell of the long drop (vom), and of course some truly awesome music!

Are you heading to any festivals this summer? If so, who would your dream headline act be? Let us know in the comments!