There’s a strong chance that you may have heard us mention once or twice that our matcha is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (100% whole grain bread, of course)

 We try not to bang on about its amazing health benefits too much, but it’s hard not to when just one serving a day can help you feel more energised, more alert and can significantly improve concentration - it really is amazing stuff! (Have I mentioned that yet?)

Well, all that hype has certainly paid off and you guys clearly love it as much as we do because we’ve only gone and won the Your Healthy Living Award for Best Fitness and Slimming Product 2014!! (It also happens to be the second time we’ve won this award..not that we’re counting or anything!)

 We know our matcha is a superhero amongst tea, but it’s always nice to have this reaffirmed with lovely awards! (No one wants to be The Shawshank Redemption of the tea world..they were robbed of Oscars..ROBBED!)

Thanks for voting everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for our annual matcha challenge in January –we’ll be going matcha crazy and would love for you to join us!! :)