Exciting times are afoot at teapigs HQ as we've recently gained 6 lovely new teapigs! To fully complete their initiation into the teapigs crew, all newcomers must divulge a few fun/mildly embarrassing  facts about themselves in a bid to help us get to know them that little bit better. So, without further ado, meet Lauren, Andy and Nico - the first of our 6 teapigs to divulge all: 

Hey, I’m Lauren and I’ve joined teapigs as the new Account Manager looking after all things foodservice!

  •  This isn’t the first time I’ve worked for teapigs. I was lucky enough to work here on my gap year and throughout uni summers, and after a 2 year stint in recruitment, it feels good to be home!
  • I studied History at Sussex University and certainly threw myself into the Brighton nightlife and the beach BBQ’s…I really miss living by the sea.
  • One of my ultimate fave films is Mean Girls; I hold October 3rd as my holy day and can pretty much quote every line. How many times have I watched it? The limit does not exist.
  • I’m very much a water baby and used to be a county swimmer, spending most of my evenings and weekends in the pool. I’m aiming to swim a sponsored 5k this year.
  • My dream would be to one day move to Australia, learn to surf & run my own beach bar – paradise!
  • Favourite tea? That’s a tricky one, but I’d have to say Liquorice & Mint is always my go to after lunch.
  • I lived in Canada for 2 years as a child and have fond memories of seeing the Toronto Blue Jays play at the Sky Dome and spending my summers swimming in the lakes!
  • I seem to have earnt myself the reputation of being a bit of a party girl, my closest friends just call me Winehouse. Oops, mine’s a large Pinot Grigio…
  • My guilty pleasure is indulging myself in a bit of trash TV. Teem Mom, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore….I’m sorry.
  • I’m a huge cat lover and I’m not afraid to admit it. I somehow managed to take enough photos of my cat Molly to fill up my phone storage and have had to upgrade early as I refuse to delete them!




Oh hello, I didn't see you come in there. My name is Andy and I'm very excited to be joining teapigs as the Trade Executive for New Business.

 Here are ten facts you didn't know you wanted to know about me. Everybody pay attention, there will be a test at the end.

  •  I was born and raised on The Wirral (also known as The Paradise Peninsula). If you don't know where that is, it's the sticky out bit between Liverpool and Wales.
  • Tea has often played a role in my life. Aged nine, I came second in my class' project competition where I (my Mum) chose to write about the topic of tea using the head of my years title “Fancy a Brew?” I was controversially denied victory and beaten into second place by new girl Laura Lett who did hers on butterflies. Absolute fix. She won the next year too with the equally bland and gender stereotypical subject of flowers.
  • I hold my pen differently to most people
  • My favourite tea has to be an everyday brew, though you can often find me enjoying one of teapigs' earl grey blends. Love me some bergamot!
  • Last year I was leading a group warm up for a group of actors in an attempt to teach them how to look after their bodies and accidentally dislocated my knee. Delicious, excruciating irony.
  • I love puns. For my teapigs name I flirted with the idea of Tea-na Turner and Tea Nee Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini before settling on Teamon and Pumbaa.
  • My favourite fact is that my great-great-great uncle, Thomas Utley, founded and owned the brass foundry which cast the ship's bell and portholes for RMS Titanic. The White Star Line were so impressed with his work that he was given a complimentary ticket for the maiden voyage. His wife had a premonition that something bad was going to happen and talked him out of going. Spooky!
  • I'm pretty gangly and love a bit of yoga but the previously mentioned knee calamity has set me back a bit. I can't wait to use some yummy matcha to give me the lift to get stretching again.
  • I was once in a theatre show which was not only given five stars by The Daily Express and The Sunday Express (essentially the same thing) but I was also described as “a toe-curlingly wicked cross between Rowan Atkinson and cartoon villain Dick Dastardly”. I promise to be better behaved in the teapigs office.
  • When I grow up I want to live in a lighthouse.


Hi there, I’m Nico and will be keeping our American office’s finances in order -

  •  Randomly I appear to have become the Face of Will to Win tennis club across London (despite only playing tennis once in my life) Will forgive them though as they sell teapigs!
  •  Love all things sport especially hockey and skiing - though a long way to go on keeping up with office fitness session. I am still in pain 3 days after first session
  •  I have visited 66 countries  - currently one more than the hubby so holiday destinations always a bit of a negotiation!
  •  Trying to live the good life a bit and love nothing more than getting my wellies on and heading down the allotment. 
  •  Have lived in Libya, Hong Kong, Australia and of course England
  •  I have run 3 Marathons though a while since the last one
  •  I have never watched any Star Wars , Lord of the Rings or a single Harry potter film. This is even worse considering I used to work for a Cinema company
  •  My favourite holidays are taking a tent and having no plans
  •  Never prouder when people are surprised I work in finance – I take this as a compliment
  •  Never felt older than joining the teapigs office