So Movember comes just once a year and is a great chance for everyone to raise a bit of money for mens health awareness particularly prostate and testicular cancer.  If you don’t know how it works, it’s as simple as this;

  • take one guy
  • get him to have a clean shave on the 1st November
  • ban him from shaving at least his top lip until the end of November
  • get donations to the cause
  • after 30days days there should be a lovely Moustache sprouting from his face and also a tidy amount raised for the awareness of Men’s health.

This year myself and Kemron (one of our speedy teapig packers) have decided to join in.  So I had a clean shave and Kemron went the extra mile and shaved his face & head on the 1st November!!  And with the support of the teapigs office/a few friends and family/anyone else who wants to donate we are aiming to raise a nice sum.

As thousands of Men across the UK will be joining in it’s a giant team effort.  You don’t just have to support us, if you know of anyone that will be growing their very own Freddie Mercury/handle bar/pencil or dali styled face hair then please donate some money, even if it’s some loose change it all helps.

We will keep you updated with our progress but if you agree that it’s a worthy cause you can pop onto our teapigs Movember page and leave your comments.

Here comes an interesting month of weird looks in the street!