We are a nation of tea drinkers, whether it’s the morning cup of everyday brew to get the day started, right through to the evening wind down mug of soothing chamomile, we are serious tea lovers and proud! But, things are not as rosy as they seem… when the urge strikes for a cuppa, the good people of Britain sometimes find themselves up against it. Less than exciting paper tea bags filled with not-so-tasty dusty tea has filled our shops, cafes and high streets for far too long and it’s time to make a stand and sign up for the teapigs Mission Petition! We don’t want to drink poor quality tea that’s been crushed and crammed into a paper bag and certainly don’t want to have to pay for it – that’s why we are spreading our Drink Real Tea message and need your help.

teapigs tea starts with the very best flavour. We always use whole leaf, whole herbs and whole flowers. We take care of our tea and house them in our special biodegradable tea temples. Together, we really believe this makes the perfect cuppa time after time and if you agree we want you to have your say and spread the word.

Head over to our Mission Petition page and tell us what you think – your comments will really help us and plus, you’ll also be given a code to bag yourself a free pack of everyday brew 15’s on your next order, you lucky things.

Whilst you’re over there, take a look at our Name and Shame request – if you’ve ever been disappointed by tea in your local deli, café or in a hotel whilst on your hols we want to know! Let us know and we can give them a nudge in the right direction and hopefully be bringing our Real Tea to you before you know it!