We asked, and you delivered! teapigs fans have been signing up to our mission petition, pledging their support for real tea and a proper tasty brew, and saying a firm ‘no thanks’ to dusty tea. Sign up yourself here and take a look at what real teapigs customers have been saying:

“I love real tea as you can't beat the refreshing taste of quality tasting tea. You can't beat the taste of a proper cuppa. It really makes my day! So glad I discovered teapigs and I have also converted two friends!”

“teapigs tea is like nothing else I have ever tasted (and I’ve drunk a lot of tea in my time!) It’s fresh and full of flavour - using quality ingredients and I sleep so well after a cup of Camomile. When I want to treat myself I always buy teapigs because I know the product is full of great flavour and taste.”

“Drinking real tea makes me feel vibrant and healthy”

“What great tea you make, best I’ve had, and trust me I’ve tried a lot.”

“Tea helps make my world go round! It soothes, quenches, revitalises and nourishes a complete necessity.”

“Real tea isn't just about the drinking, it’s about the process of brewing, smelling, tasting and relaxing not just throwing a tea bag in a cup and gulping!”

“That's right - we have finally had enough of the flavourless slop that is crushed into dust and crammed into the nation's teabags. Tea drinkers deserve better!”

“The varieties of tea I have tried since becoming a customer are by far and away better than any other brands of the same tea I have tested. Please continue the real tea revolution!”

“My friend gave me my first teapig cuppa today, and well just say OMG I never tried such a nice cup of tea. It was so nice that I find myself on here looking for some more!”

“I spent my childhood drinking proper tea & now it’s all packaged shavings off the cutting room floor mixed with a bit of hot water and longlife milk - yuck!! But teapigs offer a fresh tasting selection of proper teas from good old English to the more exotic chocolate flake! Not just tasty but healthy too! Drunk hot or cold there is something for everyone! So come on Britain..... We are the capital of the world when it comes to having a brew - let’s get back to making proper tea!”

“When tea is made well, it takes the cares of the world away!”

“Ever since I've had teapigs I can't drink anything else!! It just tastes awful! Thank you teapigs!”

“I've had teapigs at a few cafes around London and it hits the spot every time, real tea every time for me.”

“You can really taste the difference between teapigs peppermint tea and other brands: teapigs are just so, so much better!”

“I love real tea because it tastes great and makes me feel fabulous!”

“I'll do my best to take the mission abroad to Sweden “

“Best green tea, peppermint tea and lemongrass tea I have ever tasted. No dust, no bits just real flavour and colour. I can't drink anything else now!”

“Real Tea is important because it is about a portal to experience & memory. Forget about it as a mere hot beverage, it is a mechanism to allow you to think & feel, relax & reflect. Tea really can make things seem better & having greater access to this is a no brainer.”

“Hear hear teapigs! There's nothing more disappointing than ordering a pot of tea at a nice tea shop and getting a supermarket own brand bag floating miserably in a stainless steel tea pot!”

“Good tea is a life choice, make it today”

“Definitely want tea to be taken seriously the way coffee now has.”


Thanks everyone, keep them coming!