Hello, Cindy here – I look after the distrubution of teapigs in Iceland :)

Once again we‘ve been enjoying that special time of year ...the Christmas season ! And Spiced winter red, the most popular tea is back ! It has been so exciting and fun to promote the teas so far this winter, especially at the healthy stores in the mall - kids, adults and even teapigs fans over 80 years old love the tea (espeically our 5 new blends)

We are getting famous in Iceland!  Even the police force on duty have been stopping to take some sips of teapigs to either relax or for an energy boost ! I'm glad they like it. And I‘ve been so happy to see my friends pop in for some tea too!

You try it, you love it...good quality and awesome taste...no airs, no graces, just fine tea !! Enjoy :)