The teapigs brand ambassadors are a lovely bunch of people who you’ll find working for us at shows, samplings and out & about events.  We thought it was high time we introduced them properly, so here’s a little about our first three – Jack, Michelle and Rhiannon!


About me: My name is Jack and I moved to London from Australia after finishing high school in November last year. Initially, I was only planning on travelling around for a bit and then going home in April, but I fell in love with London and decided to take advantage of my dual-citizenship and stay here for a while. At the moment I am travelling around Europe in short sections and then coming back to London; most recently, I road tripped around Eastern Europe for a month, and in July I'm going to be in the Mediterranean. Eventually what I'd like to do is marketing or event management - these two things have always taken my interest. At this stage though, I don't think I'll be heading off to university for at least another two years, I’ve got some exploring to do!

My favourite teapigs teas are: Liquorice and Peppermint, and Chai. I've picked two because they're so different and I love them both! Liquorice and Peppermint is so sweet and refreshing and good for you, while I view Chai as an indulgence, and I always overload on milk.

My hobbies include: I can't really think of any proper hobbies I have except for binge watching television shows. Netflix isn't available in Australia, so since coming here I've watched my way through countless shows within days. It's not so much a hobby as a habit, albeit a bad one.


About me: I was born and bred in the lovely flat county of Norfolk, and now I live in North London. I’m currently a graduate research student at the Royal Veterinary College, working towards a PhD in spider locomotion, which has applications in robotics! I love science communication of all kinds, and hope to take my career in that direction once I’ve graduated from my PhD.

My favourite teapigs tea is: I love the popcorn tea, which is strange because I don’t really like popcorn! I just like the kind of roasted, nutty flavour it gives the green tea. I actually use it as an alternative to popcorn when I’m at home watching a film, it’s lovely.

My hobbies include: Running! I can’t get enough of it. I love the feeling of being free, the ability to go anywhere your legs can take you, and the way you can feel your body getting fitter when you train. I’m doing my first half marathon in September (eeek!), and would love to do the London Marathon one day.

Something you didn’t know about me: I used to dance until I was about 16. Pretty sure I was a bit terrible, but I enjoyed it! If I had the time I’d still have lessons. For one show we were taught how to do Riverdance too, which was great to perform.

You can find me on twitter: @michelleareeve


About me: I moved from Wiltshire to London at the age of 17 after winning Classic FM's Singer of the year. Since then I have also achieved a first class degree in Nutrition & Health BSc and am still in London working as a Nutritionist for  Transition Zone, The Food Doctor in Harley Street and as well as being an Ambassador for teapigs.

My favourite teapigs tea is: Obviously Matcha, with it's endless health benefits! It's also the ultimate pick me up drink, I have matcha every day. Although in the winter I'm rather partial to a Winter Spice with Almond Milk!

My hobbies include: Trying new foodie havens in London, I love going out for dinner with friends and family! If eating is considered a hobby ;-)

Something you didn’t know about me: I've sung on stage with Alfie Boe and still sing across Europe, the Middle East and Asia with girl group Passionata 

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